Welcome to Panel Attack!

Panel Attack is a very accurate, free, open-source, online multiplayer Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack clone for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android

Join the Discord!

The discord server is where we go to hang out and talk about the game, as well as download and share custom graphics packs, sound packs, and puzzles. You can use the matchmaking channels to find opponents for Panel Attack or Nintendo Switch Online, and you can join monthly tournaments for different skill levels too!

Download the game

Panel Attack is very easy to set up. Just download the zip file below, unzip it, and run panel.exe. Set your controls, set your name, and you're ready to go! Click the button below to download the latest version of the game.

Download panel.zip

Setting up Panel Attack on Mac, Linux or Android

Download and install love2d 11.4 for Mac or your distribution of Linux (use the .AppImage file if you are unsure), or the android.apk:

You can then download the windows release of Panel Attack, unzip it, and change the file extension of the panel.exe from .exe to .love.

On your Mac, or Linux machine you should be able to double-click it to run it after that.

On Android, use a file browser to open panel.love and choose the love2d app when prompted which app to open the file with. Some file browser apps on Android do not offer this option so you may have to install a different one, e.g. X-plore.

Introduction Video

Here's an introduction video, by community member Graff: